If you want a different result, it is necessary to change something in your work.

On a global scale, Slovenia is a small country, and the integration of entrepreneurship into international trade is of key importance. For business development and the pursuit of competitive advantage with long-term development, companies must cooperate internationally. To become involved into foreign markets requires knowledge. Once, the entry to foreign markets was feasible only for the brave, bold pioneers or entrepreneurship. Today, with the help of technology and expert advice, we can enter the foreign market ourselves.

International trade is important for the growth of every economy, especially a small one like Slovenian.

Globalization conceives the world as one market.

Globalization involves the expansion of international trade, investments, travel, the use of new technologies, integration of financial systems, the growth of trade in services, etc.


International business - facts:

  • The share of international trade is steadily increasing

  • More and more people travel (private and business)

  • Foreign direct investments share is increasing

  • Increased use of technology (enables global communication).

Due to the workload, consultants are becoming an indispensable part for companies and organizations.


What does it mean to consult? (Dictionary of Slovenian Literary Language):

  1. to express an opinion on how a person, particularly in an unpleasant, disadvantaged position, should act, work;

  2. giving advice, expert opinions.


Consulting means the provision of information which will benefit the receiver in making decisions. The consultant helps the company first identify the problem, then analyse it, propose solutions and participate in their implementations.

At PB & J, we do not take decisions instead of the client, but we work together to find solutions and new ways.

The decision for international business

Communication with the rest of the world is linked to the knowledge of foreign languages, but the knowledge of foreign languages is not enough in itself. Communication needs to be adapted to the aforementioned socio-cultural environment, taking into account the particularities, or differences in communication. The world is becoming a global entity in the economic, communication and information sense. With globalisation, the world becomes smaller, as distances become less important. All this is reflected in the growing, intense global competition, endless technological innovations and the reduction of barriers to trading and investment.

Our goal - consulting

Our goal and policy are to provide businesses with as simple, non-burdensome and effective access to desired markets as possible.

We are aware that counselling is based on trust, so we build a lasting relationship with all parties that can deliver results.

The theory of comparative advantage proves that the state can obtain international exchange, even if it is not absolutely more productive than others. If each country specializes in the production of the goods in which it has a comparative advantage, that is to say, in the production in which it is relatively most productive, international trade will be beneficial for all countries.

How will we help you?

Participation at work. We will help you implement all proposed solutions into the everyday life of your business. We will work with you on the proposed procedures, solutions and implementations of new developments in practice so that the change will be faster, controlled and financially justified.

Conversations. Interviews take place in various forms; meetings, workshops, or individual interviews to get the whole picture of your company.

Surveys, questionnaires. In order to find out the actual opinion of the employees and the situation in the company, it is necessary, in addition to interviews, to obtain the opinion through anonymous questionnaires.

Help in preparing or arranging the documentation: texts, sales letters, memos, ....

Basically, our work is divided into a business and personal area of counselling.

We value your satisfaction.

PB & J offers:

PB & J offers:

  • business counselling

  • individual counselling

  • cooperation in change implementation.

We do not sell or offer theoretical models nor general instructions. In combination with consulting, we offer practical solutions for successful everyday business operation. We work with you on achieving the desired success or given results.

The course of cooperation

Due to different needs, the course of cooperation differs between individuals or between companies. The most common way of cooperation:

  1. Introductory meeting (presentation of your situation, desires, and expectations, ...).
  2. Work with the organisation (solution proposal and initial steps).
  3. We prepare a work plan (concrete proposals for agreed areas).
  4. Work (observations, interviews, meetings, surveys, ...); all activities are prepared individually according to your needs and condition.
  5. Management of the company is constantly informed about the course and progress (review of intermediate results).


In order for counselling to have a positive effect on the company’s business and concrete results, the relationship between a consultant and a client (a counsellor) must be a true partnership. The effectiveness of the advisory task depends to the large extent on the relationships between the consultant and the client and the staff on both sides.